App update now 800 animals!

The latest version of RikenMon's nature-guide is now available!

Location filter birds:

In our January update, we introduced the location filter on Mammals and Reptile-Amphibian categories. We created a European distribution map for each animal in this group.

Moreover, you can use these maps to find animals in a particular area automatically. Some animals are limited to a zone, and if you are not there chances are slim you will see it. With our filter, you will only see what can be expected in your area.


Filter Android Filter AndroidENFilter iPhoneENFilter iPhone

This filter turned out to be very handy, so we made it for birds as well.

The last two categories (butterflies and bugs) will follow. So how reliable is our filter? We gathered our information from several sources that sometimes were contradicting but, we think it is a valuable addition to our search options.

RikenMon's Natuur-Guide, Redshank, Tringa totanus  P1020794

The Redshank can be found almost everywhere except in north east Europe.

800 European animals:

The latest update contains new animals giving a total of 800 in Europe, and we are not stopping yet!

With this recent update, the complete dBase is installed automatically. Please do remember to download the photos to your phone if you want to use it offline!


Bug, SD card selection Android:

Bug, SD card selection Android:

If desired and possible you can select an SD card to store your photos, this can be done in the main menu, settings, storage location. This choice should be made before downloading photos. (To switch to SD card just delete the photos on your internal memory, select SD card and reload the photos to SD card.)

Sometimes after a software update, the storage location is reverted to internal, check this before you start your download.

The latest software (2.51) has solved this glitch, and your choice of storage location will remain from now on.


RikenMon's Natuurg-Guide, Black tailed skimmer,, Orthetrum cancellatum P9095851

The 'bug' in the storage location is deleted, this bug will naturally stay!

50 Red crosbills!

While walking in the woods of Gees (Drenthe, the Netherlands), to our surprise we noticed several groups of crossbills flying between firs and oak over our heads.

RikenMon's Natureguide Red crossbill Loxia curvirostra P1090993

Red crossbill males are orange-red with some gray stripes on the chest.

Crossbills have a crossed tip at their thick bill enabling them to get seeds out of cones. Thes smart birds breed early in the season because in winter thick fir cones provide plenty of food. And if they run out of fir cones they move on to pine cones.

RikenMon's Nature Guide crossbills Loxia curvirostra P9025692

Several crossbills between the branches, up high the colors are not very clear.

Apart from the bill, they are very colorful birds. Unfortunate up in the tree the colors disappear and turn to grayish like so many other birds. However close inspection learns they are red-orange and bright yellow.

RikenMon's Nature-Guide crossbill Loxia curvirostra P1090995

This young male becomes red already (unfortunately the crossed bill tip just behind a branch )

The arrival of a dog pack meant they moved out of our vision, but they were still noisy for a while. For us, it was our first encounter, but in the Netherlands, they are doing fine in the local fir and pine forests.

Bug fix report FIXED!

New version available!

Below bug is solved in version 2.4 (available from the AppStore)

To our App users on iPhone:

We found a small bug in our App!

On our data page, one can pre-load photos so one can work offline when on a trip. There is also a button "check for new info" to make sure all animals have the latest data. Now, pre-loading photos without doing first the "check for new info" can, in fact, result in unexpected behaviour.


We will correct this in our next App release.

Best regards and happy discoveries, Erik and Monica