Why RikenMon's Nature Guide

Some years ago we decided to travel and discover the world. The idea was to sell our belongings and just leave our hectic little country. We worked hard and put all of our savings apart. After some time we were ready to go, economics had changed and the economic crisis began. At this time however we were confronted with some personal reasons to stay connected to Europe. We decided to travel with our small camper through Europe, there was still a lot to discover as well! We had a couple of great summers in Europe and staid for the winters in Africa for the better climate.

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Before we began our journey we were into nature, we enjoyed spotting animals but it was not a goal in itself. While travelling we had plenty of time and discovered we both liked spotting animals and identifying nature became a serious hobby. But how do you discover what you have seen, we used the internet and a lot of books. Soon we found that searching the internet is difficult when you do not know the name, a lot of things seem important to the untrained nature spotter. So we end up buying a lot of books of all categories in Europe and Africa. Our small camper quickly became loaded with books.

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We needed the easy searching of books combined with the content of the internet for each and every part of the world, but that didn't exist. As we were not the only traveller around we decided to make this product ourselves! First we started with a website and soon discovered it is a lot of data to enter! So we started limiting ourselves to Europe and since it would be great to make this a business we made apps for Android and iPhone so this product could be at your disposal wherever you are.

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We definitely miss the art of selling so we are struggling to make it a business. With the idea to enter animal and flora data of the remainder of the world we believe our product is the best. So you can travel the world with just your own phone to identify all fauna and flora. This is our dream and we keep going to bring everyone our great app.

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NEW! Update! Search with location!

Coypu Myocastor coypus RikenMon's Nature Guide P1070276

The Coypu can be found at various locations in Europe.

A new version of the APP is available! Most users will receive this update automatically. If not go to the app store and find RikenMon’s Nature Guide App or use following links for Playstore or iTunes  and update. You now have the latest version of the guide with some interesting new features!

Roe deer Capreolus capreolus RikenMon's Nature Guide P1070158

You can find Roe deer troughout Europe but they are not in Ireland.

Whats new in the latest RikenMon’s Nature Guide app?

Of course there are new animals, added bird shapes and better photos and information for a lot of animals. But also in this update you can start using a location filter!

Mole Talpa europaea RikenMon's Nature Guide DSCF6910  Red Squirrel Sciurus vulgaris RikenMon's Nature Guide P1060392

1) The Mole has a wide distribution but not in the far north or far south of Europe. 2) The squirrel can be found all over Europe.

Search with location is only possible for the categories Mammals and Reptiles & Amphibian. Adding locations takes a lot of time so expect the remaining categories in the near future, we are working on it.

What is searching by location?

A lot of European animals just live in certain areas of Europe. Some can be found everywhere but others just live near water, in mountainous areas or prefer the colder north or warmer south. So although they are all European animals they don’t occupy the same areas.

 RikenMon's Nature Guide Filter AndroidEN RikenMon's Nature Guide App201612 AndroidEN RikenMon's Nature Guide Filter iPhoneEN

1) Location filter on Android, 2)Location of the Coypu in Europe. 3) Of course also availble on iOS.

Imagine you are in east Germany, there is a big change you will see different animals as in, for example, northern France. So open the Mammals category and select the filter, you will find a map of Europe. Use the arrows to go to your location or use the GPS of your phone (automatically jump there). Start your search and it will only show you the mammals of the selected location. Besides that at the end of each mammals record (in details screen) you can now see where the animal can be found in Europe. 

Alpine marmot Marmota marmota RikenMon's Nature Guide DSCF0661 Coypu Myocastor coypus RikenMon's Nature Guide P1070278-002

1) You can see the Alpine marmot in central Europe. 2) The Coypu has a rather different area.

The complete manual of the RikenMon’s Nature Guide is available for iPhone and Android , we hope you enjoy it!

New New New!! HD photo access in the app!

P8080575-002(normal photo)

Using the app while having an internet connection? Then all photos are also available in High Definition!
Don't worry about memory on your phone or tablet, the photos won't be stored!
Click on HD in the lower right corner of the photo and enjoy the super sharp image or enlarge it for even more details.
No HD on the photo? Are you sure you bought your app in the Google play or iTunes store? Go to the store and pay a tiny fee to enjoy the app with all functionality!
Have fun with RikenMon's Nature-Guide European Animals!


P8080575-004For HD click on photo!

Photo shows Sycamore, one of the added records!